Limited run/small batch zine created in tandem with Dream Safely Graduating Exhibition that took place at the Audain Gallery in May 2023. 

24-page zine features original images created by:
Tanha Binte Azam (12-13)
Ayesha Beg (8-11)
Kaila Bhullar (14-15)
Karry Hon (6-7)
Marwah Jaffar (20-21)
Huong Anh Pham (16-17)
Iver Smith (22-23)
Hana Steinwand (18-19, pages featured hand prints)

Designer + Editor: Kaila Bhullar
Hand Printing: Hana Steinwand
Binding/Folding/Assemblage: All 
Hand printing process by Hana Steinwand. Each zine featured a custom print, ranging from 4 hand carved stamp designs by Steinwand in red, blue, and/or black.
Pages 14-15 spread with images created by Kaila Bhullar 
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