Cover artwork by Max Ammo.
Dream Safely is a 09:38 long experimental sound collage/song that was made using a variety of recorded and found sounds, synth music, and digital manipulations. The work is composed as having three parts: (1) ambient intro into the dream-sphere, (2) introspective/mind wandering sequence, and concludes with (3) a deep bass electronic outro, which was made using layered altered and distorted tech recordings with low bassy synth.  
The song was released in 2023 as a part of a compilation titled "Get a Plant!?" and was created as a part of the MAC Sound Artist in Residence program through Media Arts Committee
"Get a Plant!?" explores a time where the concept of “self care” can be resold and packaged in a way that can feel exploitative or coercive. How do you respond to these pressures? What is self care for you? How do social, familial, and cultural influences impact your choices and perceptions of self care?

Song title "Dream Safely" by Huong Anh Pham. 

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